BEYOND WORDS // 21 Nov 2019

Art & Tech Conference is an international conference that presents top projects and ideas from the fields of media art, technology and digital culture every year. It reveals how digitization and technology affect artistic creation and, conversely, how creatives can inspire technological development and innovation.

The Art & Tech Conference 2019 brings attention to the topic of language and communication, which are the basis of human interaction. We wonder what happens when we add robots, artificial intelligence or software to the equation. This is exactly what the conference's speakers and artists will explore in their talks, art productions and installations. We will show that communication is not just about words, but also about the interaction between man and software, emotion and code, human body and technology, virtual reality and the physical world, and so on.

#atconf will introduce inspirational speakers, each offering a unique insight into the subject of language and communication in the context of art, science, and technology


08:00–09:00 / Registration

09:00–09:20 / Opening: Marek Lavčák & Michal Hladký (CIKE)

09:20–10:05 / Sean Mulholland, designer at IDEO

10:05–10:30 / João Martinho Moura, digital artist – researcher

10:30–11:00 / COFFEE BREAK

11:00–11:40 / Agnieszka Kubicka-Dzieduszycka, media art curator at WRO and SIAF

11:40–12:15 / Marc Vilanova, sound and light artist

12:15–13:40 / LUNCH 

13:40–14:15 / Jiří Charvát a Lukáš Venclík, professional storytellers at School of Improvisation

14:15–15:00 / Lisa van Kleef, designer at Lava

15:00–15:30 / COFFEE BREAK

15:30–16:10 / Mária Friedmannová, psychologist and researcher

16:10–16:45 / Michael Spranger, researcher at Sony CSL

16:45–17:00 / Wrap-up and closing


  • You will understand how technologies affect our language and communication
  • Learn how to streamline communication - whether in business or on a regular interpersonal level
  • Get to know artists, scientists, designers and encoders from around the world
  • You will discover new technologies as tools for creation
  • Be inspired by stories of successful people
  • Get to know Košice, UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts

Speakers & Artists


Sean Mulholland / USA


Michael Spranger / DE


Lisa van Kleef / NL


João Martinho Moura / PT


Jiří Charvát / CZ


Lukáš Venclík / CZ


Mária Friedmannová / SK


Agnieszka Kubicka-Dzieduszycka / PL


Marc Vilanova / ES